Stone Goose and Stone Gander

One day Stone Goose and Stone Gander were walking, traveling in the desert.  Suddenly a tornado came out of nowhere and sucked them in.

When Stone Goose and Stone Gander finally came out of the ripping wind they were falling through the clouds. They were quite surprised by this but they started flapping their wings furiously. Up and up they went. Instead of flying over desert sands they were flying over ocean waters. Up ahead was a shore where they could rest.

As soon as Stone Goose and Stone Gander got to the shore they went straight for the river. Stone Goose and Stone Gander drank gulp after gulp of the sweet blue water until their thirst was quenched. “I think we should fly back home,” said Stone Gander.

“Um, I think we should too but, but where is home? asked Stone Goose. They started to walk over the grass and flowers. They also saw other geese. Then to their surprise they saw their friends, Golden Goose and Golden Gander. They ran, stumbled, tripped and fell. At last they reached their friends.

“It’s nice to see you guys, but where are we?” asked Stone Goose.

“Shh!” said Golden Goose.

“Please be quiet, follow me,” whispered Golden Gander. The geese followed Golden Gander out of sight in a bush.

Once they were hidden Stone Goose asked, “Why did you tell us to be quiet?”

“We needed to go somewhere it was safe to talk,” answered Golden Goose.

“What, why, I don’t understand?” asked Stone Gander.

“We need you to stop Evileney,” said Golden Gander.


“Evileney. She is the most evil of them all and she’s taken over the geese and we need you to stop her,” said Golden Goose.

“I don’t know, maybe,” said Stone Goose.

“We will together,” answered Stone Gander.

As Stone Goose and Stone Gander flew to Evileney’s castle, they were nerovus.

“Do you think we can stop Evileney?” asked Stone Goose.

“I know we can,” answered Stone Gander. They they saw it, Evileney’s castle. The castle was huge! Luckily, Stone Goose and Stone Gander saw an open window and flew in. Stone Goose and Stone Gander found arrows that probably pointed to where Evileney was. Stone Goose and Stone Gander followed the arrows till they found a room that looked as if it held royalty. They heard talking and then an evil laugh! Then it happened, the doors opened.

Stone Goose and Stone Gander wanted to run but they stayed put. Out came Evileney! She was just as Golden Goose described. Dark black eyes, brown skin, and an evil looking face.

Then Stone Goose and Stone Gander chased Evileney through the halls, honking and snapping at her heels. They chased her to the water’s edge. Evileney was so scared that she swam away.

They did it! Stone Goose and Stone Gander were heroes! The geese threw a party, everyone was invited. They splashed, played and celebrated that Evileney was gone.

“Where are we?” asked Stone Goose.

“You’re home, silly,” answered Golden Goose. Stone Goose and Stone Gander were happy to be home and rejoined the celebration.

Written by Miss B.

Miss B. is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. Her favorite writing subject is fiction. Her inspiration is to never give up and to try her best.  Her genre is fantasy.

1 thought on “Stone Goose and Stone Gander”

  1. Ms.B I love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you write more stories. Can’t wait!

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